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Veres & Riordan, LLC, is a boutique law firm specializing in all aspects of family law, divorce, domestic violence, custody, including mediation and litigation of such matters and appeals.

Family law disputes are emotionally charged, but there is no need to go through it alone. Whether you are thinking about a divorce, looking for advice for a prenuptial agreement, having trouble paying or collecting on an existing child support or alimony order, chances are you should consult with legal counsel. In any matter dealing with the custody of children, whether it be a proposed relocation, a parenting time dispute, or the abuse or neglect of a child, the outcome must not be left to chance. Hiring the right Denville family lawyer to guide you through the legal process and advocate for your needs and interests and those of our children is essential.

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Accessible and Accomplished Attorneys You Can Trust

At Veres & Riordan, we offer individualized attention and dedicated service to each and every client. An accomplished family attorney will take charge of your case personally and keep you informed and involved in the process every step of the way. We take pride in being accessible to our clients. We listen to our clients needs, explain the law and then aggressively pursue the best result possible. Our clients can expect honest communication in plain English. We believe that it is critical to develop a rapport with our clients, that encourages trust, honesty, candor and communication.  We also vehemently guard your privacy and dignity throughout the process.

Denville Law Firm Specializing in Family Law

Veres & Riordan is a full service family law firm. We assist our clients in Denville and Morris County through all aspects of their divorce, custody, alimony, child support, parenting time, modification, domestic violence, adoption, grandparent visitation, guardianship, and prenuptial agreement matters.

Our goal is to resolve divorce, equitable distribution, custody and/or support issues while minimizing conflict and expense, if possible. We specialize in legally complex, factually difficult, high asset or high conflict, family law and divorce situations. We are often called upon to handle disputes that arise after the divorce is over. We strive to help you resolve today’s problems and avoid problems in the future. This is based on a thorough understanding of the law and the specific facts of your case. Our goal is to always communicate in an informed, prompt, and professional manner.

Approved Family Law Mediators

The partners, Patricia L. Veres and Catherine F. Riordan, are both Certified Matrimonial Attorneys, a designation granted by the New Jersey Supreme Court. This designation is given to attorneys who demonstrate a substantial level of experience, education, knowledge and skill in the area of matrimonial law.

Additionally, Patricia L. Veres and Catherine F. Riordan are both court approved family law mediators. Family law mediators must hold a graduate degree or a certification of advanced training in a behavioral or social science.  They must also have training in mediation techniques and supervised experience in mediation.  The training requirements can be met through the completion of a 40-hour course approved by the court which covers mediation skills and specialized training in family and child development, family law and divorce. Family law mediators must be in good standing and must meet specific criteria regarding years of professional experience, education and training.

Effective and Aggressive Representation on Your Behalf

The attorneys at Veres & Riordan are highly educated individuals who explore the law with you and streamline the information so you can make informed decisions. We know the importance of what is at stake and what is involved in divorce, custody and family law matters. We sensitize our attorneys and staff to your viewpoint, making your legal team responsive and understanding while at the same time, preparing and supporting you for what might lay ahead — whether a grueling trial or an intense negotiation.

At Veres & Riordan, you learn that you have choices even when it feels as though you do not. We do this by making experts available to you and conscientiously working as a team to reduce your legal fees and costs taking into consideration your lifestyle, means and needs. We take a practical approach to your representation by analyzing your situation, directing and guiding you in document gathering, and advising you on the strengths and shortfalls of your case.

When you work with Veres & Riordan, you know that we take our legal responsibility very seriously. We understand what is at stake for you and your family. As your attorneys, we use a range of creative strategies to assist you in reaching your desired objectives.

While our experience allows us to advise you on the best options and solutions for your case, the attorneys at Veres & Riordan know that family law cases require much more than wise decision-making. Our attorneys negotiate effectively and litigate aggressively in order to resolve acrimonious or emotionally charged issues.

High net worth asset division can be amongst the most complicated, emotionally charged aspects of a divorce matter. When considering investments, real estate value and division, business ownership and value, the attorneys at Veres & Riordan bring their focused legal acumen to a divorce case in order to create a strategy to address these assets in a thorough and equitable manner. We also prioritize our clients’ privacy, making every effort to resolve matters in a professional, dignified manner.

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We are dedicated to resolving your divorce, custody, support and family law disputes through litigation and non-litigation means of negotiation, such as mediation or arbitration, when possible. The latter methods save time, money and the stress of litigation. If concerted efforts to negotiate are unsuccessful, we may elect to go to trial to solve your issues. We implement a streamlined approach to prepare you for litigation or settlement. If matters do not settle, then we are prepared for aggressive action on your behalf in court.

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